With the freight sails initiative from our ZERO°degree climate protection alliance, we offer ways to ship goods in a climate-neutral manner. To achieve this, we take advantage of the capacities of traditional sailing ships as well as privately used sailing yachts making their summer trips.

Sailing territory during the warm half of 2020

Sailing territory: During the launch phase of our climate-neutral freight sails initiative, we are offering transportation from Hamburg and Wedel during the warm half of 2020. We reach destinations on the German Baltic coast, the North Frisian Islands and the ports of the cities located on the Lower Elbe.

View from board of our sailing vessel BUMBLEBEE

Typical goods for transportation include coffee, tea and rum, but also other goods – preferably those which have been sustainably and regionally produced. Typical freight quantities range from 5 kg to 50 kg, although larger quantities can also be accommodated by arrangement.

Our service covers acceptance of goods in Hamburg's Sandtorhafen harbour, or in the Hamburg Marina, transfer of the goods by smaller sailing boats to the sailing vessels continuing the shipment, and then transport to whichever pleasure craft harbour is located closest to the recipients. The goods are handed over to the recipient here

Documentation: For our non-profit purposes, we document the sustainable shipments for use on our website and as part of our public relations work. The nature of the goods as well as the sender and recipient of the consignments are usually mentioned here, but can also remain anonymous if desired. Additional materials for your public relations work can be provided by our media partner, Szeno•Net.

Freight prices: As a contribution towards the costs of our shipments, we charge EUR 4.95 per 5 kg of freight. We would be delighted to receive a donation to go towards the non-profit promotion of sustainable environmental protection.

Shipping times: Typical shipping times are two to four weeks, so it is the sustainability of the route to the destination that is the primary goal here. That the goods will arrive is guaranteed. Should one of our sailing cargo ships not beable to reach its destination within a reasonable time, our logistics partner DHL will take over of the CO²-neutral delivery of your freight

Please get in touch if you would like to take advantage of our ZERO°degree cargo sailing – the global climate and your public image can only benefit from this. We will bring your sustainable goods to their destination in a climate-neutral way by sailing ship!

Your contact partner: Per Pegelow
+49 040 298 98 94 1 | pegelow@zero-degree.net

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