From its base in Hamburg, the ZERO°degree Network is forming a European business alliance against global warming.The partners in the network are in regular contact with each other and coordinate their commitment to a climate-neutral global economy.

the venues

The ZERO°degree Network cultivates dialogue with climate protection experts and activists with the aim of translating climate protection ideals into real economic and social action.

In order to promote these goals and to grow the network, the ZERO°degree Network will regularly hold a conference in one of Europe's port cities starting in 2025. Each of these conferences will involve a multimedia staging of the state of the world's climate with the aim of reaching the widest possible public.

public viewing event of conference

 In September 2021, the Zero°Degree Climate Change Conference will take place on several traditional ships as well as in the rooms of the Elbphilharmonie (Westin Hamburg) at Sandtorhafen. The public will have the opportunity to participate in the conference through various social networks in real time.
The kick-off event will be at Hamburg's Sandtor Harbour under the title "The Shadows of Magellan – WorldViews". Before this conference, there will be several preparatory colloquia for the partners of the ZERO°degree Network.
the media event "the shadows of magellan – worldviews"