GATING - AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 MINUTES | serious games, interactive installation, visualisation

globalisierung, globalisation, serious games, szenografie,computer game, interactive arts

screen shot | serious games installation | anna kopylkow, per pegelow, arne schulenburg

“Gating, around the World in 8 Minutes” offers the user a virtual reality to explore in a playful manner. It represents a non-linear panorama with a labyrinth structure which will adjust to the user’s mood as it is explored. “Gating” consists of 55 panoramic images taken with a special imaging technique at five different airports distributed over four different continents, music that reacts to the user’s mood, a sound background that adjusts to the user’s interests, and a program to gather these elements and react to the user’s actions.

No need for a leap in time – the same interface, the same framework, the same ground to walk on – they all coincide, perfect globalisation rules!

globale vernetzung, mediennetzwerk, media network, telerealität, cyberspace, interactive arts

gating manuel | serious games, installation | anna kopylkow, per pegelow, arne schulenburg

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gating installation | serious games, installation | anna kopylkow, per pegelow, arne schulenburg

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legend gating installation | serious games, installation | anna kopylkow, per pegelow, arne schulenburg

Exhibition Gating - around the World in 8 Minutes

2006:- "Pool Art Fair NY", USA
- "Lange Nacht der Kunst", Gütersloh, Germany
- "Einskommanull", Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany

- "International Festival of Electronic Art 404", Rosario, Argentina
- "9th International Video Festival Videomedeja", Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
- "Art in the Age of New Technologies", Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan
- "Atelier – die Plattform für neue Kunst und Choreographie"
- "Atelier im August", PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany
- "Feldstärke", PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany
- Istanbul Symposium of Interactive Media Design, Istanbul, Turkey

"Academy meets Photokina", Photokina Cologne, Germany

How to play "Gating" - Instructions:

While users play "Gating", they are located in a virtual airport. Players use the mouse to navigate. Players can go to the right or left, stop and click on some objects. A position meter appears when moving the mouse over the lower edge of the image. This indicator always shows the player’s current position. Players slowly realise that they are no longer in the same airport. While players pass by the same objects, these change depending on the region.

“Gating” is non-linear. The change of location usually depends indirectly on the behaviour of the players. For example, it is possible that a player will no longer able to return to the starting point of his or her travels when navigating through the virtual airport.

The music, background sounds and the dynamics of the controls adapt to the behaviour of the players. “Gating” reacts emotionally to the behaviour of the players. Interactive objects initially only provide information about themselves when they’re clicked on. If players repeatedly click on the same types of objects, these become gates. Players can use these gates to navigate within the virtual reality. This process is called "Gating".

Pressing the "h" key opens the user help. The game continues when the "g" key is pressed.


Per Pegelow: Concept, idea, programming, photography, text, sound, design

Anja Kopylkow: Conception support
Arne Schulenberg: Speaker and text support
Christian.Bimm.Coers: Director-Supervisor
Prof. Cindy Gates: Conceptual advice, scenography advice
Dean Lowis: Lingo Troubleshooter
Sabine Lang: Tour Assistant
Simon Büttner: Composition and production interactive soundtrack
Prof. Susanne Brügger: Conceptual advice, lab provider
Thorsten Kohnhas: Informatics